Deeply expansive and spacious music that lifts the listener towards an experience of inner peace and stillness;
an encounter with the essence of the soul.


Anima’s enchanting music blends beautiful vocals with traditional sacred instruments, infused in deep ambience and spiritual soundscapes.

The inspirational words, uplifting melodies and sacred soundscapes creates a space for healing and inner journeying, moving the listener towards prescence and stillness.




Sound Medicine (2011)  


 Temple of the Heart (2010)

Temple of the Stars (2010)
Anima - Ali Calderwood and Daniela Broder - have spent a number of years studying different ancient practices of spirituality and healing from various cultures, tribes and sacred lands. Their emotionally stirring and inspirational music covers a range of genres from Acoustic and New Age to Electronica and Dance.

Described by Kindred Spirit Magazine as "Powerful and hauntingly beautiful", Anima's music is infused with sacred energy; bestowing a unique sound that reveals a wide variety of world instruments from crystal bowls, flutes and didgeridoo, with medicine drums and guitar, amidst spacious soundscapes and deep fluid textures overlayed with evocative vocals.

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Celestial Baptism CD - Anima Music Star AnceStory CD - Anima Music Lemuria Emerging CD - Anima Music Crystaligned Dreams CD - Anima Music Fluid Mix 2009 CD - Anima Music
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"Powerful and hauntingly beautiful" Kindred Spirit Magazine

"For those who are ready for the upliftment into the brilliance of the new frequencies, this is a sound gateway home. It bridges the ancient ways with the unspoken future realms of peace, serenity and brilliance. It is incredible.. Gaia's itunes list is radiating with your prescence!" Iris Kellie - Healthy Referal Newspaper


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