Massage Therapies and Intuitive Bodywork

Massage and bodywork are sessions tailored to your needs. Relax, unwind, feel nurtured and replensihed with a treatment of your choice...


- Healing Massage - Drawing upon ancient bodywork techniques, held within a still and serene space, this treatment blends essential oils, long flowing movemnts and a gentler touch. This massage is deeply relaxing and healing for body, mind and soul and may include energy work and the use of plants and essences.

-  Altai Massage Therapy  - Powerful, flowing, deep tissue shamanic massage from the Altai Mountains. Very effective for tension, stress and creating change in your life .
- Intuitive Bodywork and Energy Healing - Intuitive bodywork is given either as an oil based massage or through clothing and can be either given with deep pressure or with a lighter touch. These sessions lay emphasis on energetic healing and balancing of the body and mind. 

Facial treatmets - Enjoy a Dead Sea Mud Mask acompanied by a soothing neck and shoulder massage, followed by an exquisite facial and head massage with aromatherapy oils. 

- Part body treatment - focus on specific areas - Upper Body (back, neck and head), Lower Body (lower back, hips, legs and feet)

- Spa days, retreats and group bookings - Spa days and healing packages are avaiable at Bloomsbury's Retreat in Biddenden. Visit for the day, weekend, or longer and stay in one of the beautiful tipis or yurts onsite. Enjoy an outdoor hot tub, walk around the tranquil gardens and treat yourself in the restaurant and farm shop. Packages are tailor made for individuals, couples and groups and can include massage and healing sessions, spa treatments and yoga classes/private tuition.

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Daniela's bodywork has been and continues to be a profound experience for me every time I return. The massage itself is blissful as Daniela just seems to know what my body needs to release and feel spacious and relaxed once more. She works deeply on many levels beyond the Physical, and although this can sometimes be quite painful for me - where I hold alot of tension, Daniela's insights into my emotional blocks - stored in the body have challenged and encouraged me to look deeper and more clearly at myself in a way that is completely loving and non judgemental, allowing me to move on gracefully into my Peace, my Truth, whatever is going on around me in this Life Journey.

- Tiffany - Kent

I have had many massages in my life that were momentarily pleasant and enjoyable. Daniela's are extraordinary, unforgettable and I have a feeling that they have long-lasting effects.  Daniela herself is a gentle, grounded, peaceful spirit, exuding love and well being, her handshake is a mere whisper, so it's an incredible surprise to receive such a deep, strong, powerful massage from her.  This is both emotional and physical and undoubtedly works on other energy levels too.  It feels transformative and as if she is drawing strength from the universe.  I recommend her highly to all my family and friends.

- Emma - Writer, Kent

I can not recommend this massage or Daniela enough. The amazing thing about Daniela is her intuitive nature that just knows what's going on in my body/soul without me saying a word. Daniela focuses on the issue very purposefully, while still giving attention to my whole body. I see Daniela for Altai Massage every five weeks as a major component of my basic health care. She can bring about healing, she can go deep, and Daniela's insights challenge me to look deeply and help to rebalance/find harmony from within.

- Kirsten Hart, Kent

As a therapist myself I have received many massages in the past but none quite like the Altai Massage that Daniela practises. Having a massage with Daniela is like going on a voyage of discovery of the body, words can't quite describe it and you really need to experience it for yourself for its unique healing properties on all levels. Daniela has wonderful warm, healing hands and is one of those lovely people that magically happen to cross your path and you never forget. Also, after 3 treatments my hot flushes/sweats have ceased completely which is AMAZING!

- Erica - Holistic Therpist, Kent

Thank you again for the amazing massage experience. As I said, I found it truly deep both within my physical & spiritual body. Since then, I've felt like I'm fully awake! Once the physical body caught up with the rest of me & the pain subsided, I have felt totally amazing - like walking on air! My brain is operating on full power again.

- Robin Lockhart - Social Worker, London

To have a healing session with Ali and Daniela is a oportunity on this earth not to be missed, it has changed my life for ever and still does every time I enter the light of their auras, these special light beings are here with a mission of re-uniting heaven and earth, especially inside our own selves.

- Nanci Cunha - Therapist 

I am about to give over both my body and mind for the fifth time to the power of touch and energy transmitted through the healing hands of Daniela. The experience enjoyed from the combined session of Altai massage and intuitive bodywork is difficult to express in words, but the state of physical relaxation and peace of mind that follows the 90 minute treatment has not been felt by me after any other pursuit. If like me you are in the process of soul searching to fill some gaps that appear as you  become “an Elder”, then a series of visits to Daniela will both assist in your mental search and enrich your physical well being.

- Keith Brannan, Kent