Shamanic Healing

“Focus on that inner beauty, that inner silence, so that you may recapture yourself,
and not be captured by something else.” 
- Lujan Matus


Shamanic healing sessions are designed to move one closer the integral core of their authentic truth and freedom of being. The processes involved will illuminate and work through the conditioned imprints, societal contracts and dysfunctional behaviors that limit ones' choices and freedom of expression in life, creating the opportunity to reclaim the presonal power that is being expended in upholding these energetic leakages.

As Ali accompanies you through these sessions he will assist you with processing any upheavals that may arise so you are equiped to continually develop the growth of your consciousness within a state of profound renewal. These sessions may also include ancient gazing techniques that enhance lucidity of perception thereby enabling one to empty the body of the human form. The outcome will be a deepened state of surrender and peace, giving access to the higher state and subtle layers of consciousness and awareness.

Through these session you will become equipped to independently resolve obstructions in your life and energy body, giving way to a complete and enduring healing that will be able to be sustained following the conclusion of the healing sessions.

These sessions can be offered in 1 - 3 hour slots once a week for however many weeks are required, or for 5 consecuive days for more intensive work.

Golden_Eagle_Shamanic_Healing_1These sessions can also involve Shamanic bodywork, which utilises a unique method of that is an ancient oriental technique. Using coiling spinning motions that are applied directly to connective tissues and ligaments to lift the fascia, allowing the life force energy to flow harmoniously, in and throughout the connective elements of the meridian system; this technique works directly on the luminous fibres that connect the energy body to the universe at large, activating the bioelectromagnetic energy that enhances life and awareness.

Experiences can include visions and profound shifts into altered states. You will become aware of the movement of energy within your luminous sphere as your energetic fibres are aligned via ligaments and tendons located in the back. You will directly experience energy that is felt as energetic waves pulsating throughout the energy body. This will allow you to achieve the inner silence that is necessary to attain the elusive state of heightened awareness.

Longer sessions will include deeper processing of imprints and conditioned mindsets, and learning ancient gazing techniques that enhance lucidity of perception thereby enabling one to empty the body of the human form. These techniques involve fire, water, shadow and light.

Presently there is an introductory price of £55 (normally £75) per hour for the first session. An hour's session includes a full treatment of the shamanic bodywork. Longer sessions will also involve the shamanic processing and ancient gazing techniques. Please call to arrange.

The sessions are held in Kent, near Ashford and Tenterden.

Shamanic healing session are also avialable online


It was with immense grace that the universe led me to work with Ali on my own healing path. Meeting this beautiful soul was like being reacquainted with an aspect of myself that I did not have access to on a regular basis, for this is the gift of his work, to guide one back to their true self.

I am indebted to this man for the protected and pure space that he has held for me so that deep inner transformation can take place.

I have found it a rare discovery to come across a healer that has such a grasp of the spiritual dimension and yet is able to ground here in this reality also. As a result the work with Ali has always felt rooted, connected and deeply practical.

I cannot finish these words without mentioning his music. In fact, words will only fail to do justice! Ali is a master medicinal musician! His music IS medicine. Healing, transformative and perfect for relaxation, rejuvenation and journeying. I feel so blessed to have access to his healing music at the touch of a button!

I cannot recommend Ali highly enough. Thank you for your integrity, honesty, insight and love.

- David Shaw

I've experienced many styles of massage and bodywork and I would certainly recommend Ali. His bodywork session left me feeling light and invigorated and with a calm mind. He went as deep as any massage I've had with effects that were noticeable for several days. Ali's comments and advice about body, spirit and mind were also spot on. I've literally just booked my second session!

- Andy Rogers
Wadhurst, East Sussex