Online Shamanic Healing

“Give of yourself, except for that which weakens you. Accept what is given, but not that which compromises..” - Lujan Matus

Ali is now offering shamanic healing and mentoring sessions online via Skype.

These sessions are designed to move one closer the integral core of their authentic truth and freedom of being. The processes involved will illuminate and work through the conditioned imprints, societal contracts and and dysfunctional behaviors that limit ones' choices and freedom expression in life, creating the opportunity to reclaim the presonal power that is being expended in upholding these energetic leakages.

As Ali accompanies you through these sessions he will assist you to process any upheavals that may arise so you are equiped to continually develop the growth of your consciousness within a state of profound renewal.

These sessions may also include ancient gazing techniques that enhance lucidity of perception thereby enabling one to empty the body of the human form.

The outcome will be a deepened state of surrender and peace, giving access to the higher state and subtle layers of consciousness and awareness. Through these session you will become equipped to independently resolve obstructions in your life and energy body, giving way to complete and enduring healing that will be able to be sustained following the conclusion of the healing sessions.

Ali can be contacted by email or on 01233 860417 or 07557 529295

Sessions are usually done in one hour slots once a week for however many weeks are required.

For more information or book a session, please contact Ali here