Intuitive Healing and Energy Medicine

"All healing is first a healing of the heart." Carl Townsend


Intuitive healing uses shamanic and intuitive processes to bring a person into alignment with his or her true nature - to what is pure and sacred. This work addresses physical, emotional and mental blockages by working with the subtle energy, the physical body and the soul. Intuitive healing sessions combine of energy and body work to help support the system to restore itself to its natural state of balance and harmony.

Intuitive energy healing involves the laying of hands upon or over your body, where the healer becomes a 'hollow bone' - a channel for life force energy and prana which flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. 

Working to bring you into alignment with your true self, the energies vibrate on a soul frequency, moving you on in a supportive way in order to rebalance and restore your system, and to align you with a state of love and purity. This form of energy healing is effective in clearing blocks to your growth and development, and through dealing with the root causes, stuck patterns, limiting beliefs and the wounds of the past.

These sessions can be helpful to any issue and have been effective in:

Releasing blockages 
Alleviating pain 
Clearing depression and/or lack of energy
Soothing and relaxing mind and body
Helping to accept and release grief and emotional trauma
Increasing self-awareness
Encouraging energy flow 

Healing sessions are available from £40 per hour, or by sincere donation.

Please contact Daniela - 07939 870826


To have a healing session with Ali and Daniela is a oportunity on this earth not to be missed, it has changed my life for ever and still does every time I enter the light of their auras, these special light beings are here with a mission of re-uniting heaven and earth, especially inside our own selves.

- Nanci Cunha - Therapist 

The amazing thing about Daniela is her intuitive nature that just knows what's going on in my body/soul without me saying a word. Daniela focuses on the issue very purposefully, while still giving attention to my whole body. I see Daniela for Altai Massage every five weeks as a major component of my basic health care. She can bring about healing, she can go deep, and Daniela's insights challenge me to look deeply and help to rebalance/find harmony from within.

- Kirsten Hart, Kent

As a therapist myself I have received many massages in the past but none quite like the Altai Massage that Daniela practises. Having a massage with Daniela is like going on a voyage of discovery of the body, words can't quite describe it and you really need to experience it for yourself for its unique healing properties on all levels. Daniela has wonderful warm, healing hands and is one of those lovely people that magically happen to cross your path and you never forget. Also, after 3 treatments my hot flushes/sweats have ceased completely which is AMAZING!

- Erica - Holistic Therapist