Detox and Cleanse Healing Yoga Retreat
 Detoxify and purify with a nourishing weekend of healing, yoga and living foods

Friday 30th August - Sunday 1st September 2013In Etchingham, East Sussex

We invite you to join us for a deeply healing and restorative retreat of cleansing the body and mind though a raw food & juice detox, yoga, bodywork and meditation; set within a beautiful woodland retreat in the heart of East Sussex. This is an opportunity to work with a detox program within a harmonious, supportive setting and receive guidance on continuing your journey towards vibrant health and spiritual wellbeing. 

The retreat will include 5 sessions of yoga and meditation, high vibrational organic raw foods and smoothies, with the option of taking a juice fast only, talks and guidance on cleansing, detoxifying and purification on the physical and spiritual levels, with the option of personal massage and shamanic bodywork sessions.

You will learn profound and beautiful practices to awaken the natural unfolding of your body’s innate healing abilities and be inspired to continue your journey of vibrant, natural living.
During the yoga sessions, we will explore ways of developing an open body, healthy posture, flowing breath and clear awareness. This approach to yoga is accessible both to those who are new to yoga and those with more experience.

Why detox?
Over time, our bodies can accumulate toxins, acidity and sluggishness in the organs and systems. This toxic build up can lead to illnesses, pain, disease and clouds our clarity and energetic luminosity. Our bodies can become toxic in many ways: through our food and drink, the air we breathe, what we put on our skin; and by the way we think.
The process of a well managed cleansing program helps to release and eliminate unwanted toxins in a safe way. Detox helps the body to heal itself as nature intended; cleansing and repairing your beautiful body, helping to restore health, a sense of wellness and the true natural radiance of your inner being.

The venue:
The retreat will be held at a beautiful, tranquil venue, in rural East Sussex; the perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation. The house and barn sit in 7 acres of private organic land, surrounded by woodland, water meadows and gently rolling countryside. Accommodation is in comfortable shared rooms.
The retreat runs from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th April. Guests may arrive on Friday any time between 5 and 6.  A light dinner of raw soup and fruit will be served at 6pm followed by introductions and an evening yoga session. Saturday and Sunday there will be 3 meals per day of breakfast: superfood smoothy; lunch: raw salad / juice; and evening a green juice. All the food will be organic and local where possible, high antioxidant, alkalising and high vibrational. Adjustments can be made for those who wish to fast. Guidance and support will be provided. All water used in food prep is filtered by reverse osmosis.

In order to prepare for the detox, we suggest avoiding tea and coffee and substituting with herbal teas; avoiding wheat and dairy, meat and fish; cutting out alcohol and fizzy drinks and increasing your intake of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, choosing a range of different colours where possible. Recommendations for continuing to nourish yourself with a nutritious, alkalizing diet will also be shared during the retreat.

About Daniela Broder:

Through of many years of study, personal transformation and training in the healing arts, Daniela’s work is dedicated to supporting others to develop a deeper connection to their true and authentic selves through the practices of yoga, massage, healing bodywork and sound medicine.

She offers yoga classes, one to one work, workshops, concerts and retreats as well as holistic advice for supporting a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Ann Marie:

Ann Marie our raw chef lives in Brighton and has trained with Nutrional Healing Foundation.She has been raw food prepping for six years. A-M came to raw food due to a serious illness from which she is now healed. She is particularly well known for her raw macaroons and brownies but is also skilled in raw detox.

Individual massage and bodywork sessions, as well as optional detox optimisation package of bowel cleanse/castor oil pack/enema kits are available, and can be booked in advance of the retreat.

Spaces are limited to 8 participants.

Reciprocity: £270

For more info and to book your space, please contact Daniela Broder - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - 07939 9870826