It was with immense grace that the universe led me to work with Ali on my own healing path. Meeting this beautiful soul was like being reacquainted with an aspect of myself that I did not have access to on a regular basis, for this is the gift of his work, to guide one back to their true self.

I am indebted to this man for the protected and pure space that he has held for me so that deep inner transformation can take place.

I have found it a rare discovery to come across a healer that has such a grasp of the spiritual dimension and yet is able to ground here in this reality also. As a result the work with Ali has always felt rooted, connected and deeply practical.

I cannot finish these words without mentioning his music. In fact, words will only fail to do justice! Ali is a master medicinal musician! His music IS medicine. Healing, transformative and perfect for relaxation, rejuvenation and journeying. I feel so blessed to have access to his healing music at the touch of a button!

I cannot recommend Ali highly enough. Thank you for your integrity, honesty, insight and love.
David Shaw
Daniela's style of teaching yoga is gentle and intuitive. Her classes have taught me to listen within, allowing the breath of life to move me and move through me. Exploring through asana, breathwork, readings and meditation the deep stillness and silence of the soul, Daniela shares her wealth of personal experience and expertise in her weekly classes and workshops.
Yoga Teacher
As a therapist myself I have received many massages in the past but none quite like the Altai Massage that Daniela practises. Having a massage with Daniela is like going on a voyage of discovery of the body, words can't quite describe it and you really need to experience it for yourself for its unique healing properties on all levels. Daniela has wonderful warm, healing hands and is one of those lovely people that magically happen to cross your path and you never forget. Also, after 3 treatments my hot flushes/sweats have ceased completely which is AMAZING!
Erica Phillips
Reflexologist, Kent
I've experienced many styles of massage and bodywork and I would certainly recommend Ali. His bodywork session left me feeling light and invigorated and with a calm mind. He went as deep as any massage I've had with effects that were noticeable for several days. Ali's comments and advice about body, spirit and mind were also spot on. I've literally just booked my second session!
Andy Rogers
Wadhurst, East Sussex
I have meet Ali and Daniela, during a fairy festival over easter in cantebury. I had my stall and I ask Ali for a massage and His energy and healing touch, was so powerfull at the end of the massage, I was uplifted and emotional stronger. I bought their music, which i have been playing all the time. And now i am looking foward for my future healing and massage with them both.
Armando Colucci
Sometimes in life we can diminish or reduce an experience by trying to put it in to words.. To believe something is real is not knowing that something is real... This experience is real.. My love to you both.

Thankyou for the experience X
Peter Rennie
I have been privileged to share a personal journey of deep transformation with Ali in a one to one shamanic work. His sensitive awareness guided me through some intensely painful personal shadows to fully appreciate the lightness and joy of being alive. A feeling which has never left me and has influenced my life and work in ways (almost!) beyond words.

Daniela’s graceful, flowing yoga is a sensory experience in itself, connecting mind, soul and body, as is her healing touch through her massage therapies and intuitive sound healing.

Coming together as Anima, Ali Calderwood and Daniela Broder present a unique and powerful combination of sacred gifts. Their music stirs people from mental slumber and awakens them to deep soul knowing, touching new levels of consciousness. Anima’s soundscapes are deeply healing, emotionally profound and transformative in ways which are both subtle yet quantum in effect. I often find myself playing their music directly onto client’s bodies to shake up physical blockages and mental holding patterns, to release respiratory problems and open the heart to new octaves.
Shelley Sishton
Director, The Energy Centre www.the-energy-centre.com
Vibrational Essence Consultant: BSc Hons; Dip Vib. Medicine www.shelleysishton.com
To have a healing session with Ali and Daniela is a oportunity on this earth not to be missed, it has changed my life for ever and still does every time I enter the light of their auras, these special light beings are here with a mission of re-uniting heaven and earth, especially inside our own selves.
Their music is bliss and the healing divine. I recommend to everyone I know to visit them.
I tresure every moment we were together.

In the light of the new earth.

Nanci Cunha


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