About Us


Daniela Broder:

Through her work, Daniela offers a space for people to develop a deeper connection to their true and authentic being, exploring the many aspects and layers of ourselves and our relationships with the natural world.
Through walking a path dedicated to growth and illumination, working with spiritual practices and learning from the natural world, she integrates these teachings into her work, offering a sensitive and profound approach to sound medicine, bodywork, yoga and the healing arts.

Since childhood Daniela has been immersed in art, poetry, music, and the healing ways. Growing up in a western culture with a strong sense that there was more to life than how it appeared to be, she experienced teachings from Nature and the spirit world through dreams and intuition.

She completed a degree in Fine Art, during which time she spent long periods of time in woodlands, mountains and at ancient sacred sites simply observing Nature and learning to awaken her ability to 'see' and 'sense' the subtle life force energy that flows through all things. During this time and much due to an intense journey of personal healing, she also began studying the arts of energy healing, tai chi, yoga and shamanism.

For two and a half years, Daniela travelled in North and South America, where she studied with teachers and indigenous elders in Native American and indigenous medicine ways. These experiences created a foundation from which much of her music and healing work has flowered and continues to develop. Over the years she has worked internally to clear and realign with the calling of her heart, through detoxification, retreats in the mountains and forests, working with herbs and healing plants, meditation and ancient systems of bodywork.

Since 2005 she has been committed solely in her work with sound and healing arts, working in the UK and internationally, offering sessions, workshops, concerts and retreats. She continues her in depth training and mentorships in Shamanic Medicine, Natural Healing and Yoga.

Daniela's qualifications include: 
-Reiki & Seichem Master Practitioner
-Shjanta Yoga Teacher Training Levels I & II 
-'Yoga From Within' Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance 
-Shamanic Sound Healing Practitioner
-Yogic Studies, Workshops and One to One tuition 
-Altai Massage Therapy Advanced Practitioner
- Sessions in Holistic Voice Work with Julia Gooding
- On-going training and personal mentorship in bodywork and shamanic healing arts



 Ali Calderwood:

Ali’s kindness and deep wisdom has touched many people through his healing work and his music. Those who know him personally generally agree that he walks the Earth with one foot in the world of Spirit and the other placed firmly on the ground. His profound awareness and ability to see the energy fields of others’ allows him to assist people into stepping into the light of their true and authentic selves, shedding the many layers of restrictive patterning. Through the use of his words and wisdom, he creates and holds a loving space for others to awaken, heal and empower themselves; re-connecting with the purity and grace of truth, simplicity and love.

From an early age Ali found a great affinity with nature and its ancient and sacred places. He dedicated several years to exploring the sacred sites and ancient standing stones of Scotland and England, often spending nights alone sleeping inside ancient burial cairns.

At the age of 23, while spending time vision questing in the Outer Hebridian Islands, he experienced a great awakening and reconnection to the Spirit world. Three weeks of transformational processes and initiations through nature followed and led him through a great re-awakening to his pure self and shamanic path in this life. He continues to learn through these connections and ancient Earth wisdom, through the land and the knowledge stored within the ancient stones. He has learnt to reconnect with his own spirit and personal medicine powers, and with them now acts as a guide for others, assisting them towards their own freedom.

Ali has spent time in Northern India with a winter in the Himalayas, where he again experienced another profound initiation while in the solitude of Nature, before going on to study with a Tai Chi Master. His travels later led him through Mexico and into South America, where he spent 18 months in Peru and Bolivia. It was while living in the Amazon jungle with a family of Shipibo shaman, that he was invited to study their traditional healing methods which involved being initiated into their ancient ways and ceremonies with the sacred plant teachers.

Ali has recently returned from Central America where he has been trained in an ancient form of shamanic healing and bodywork, which has its roots in Oriental healing. He is now offering these powerful shamanic bodywork sessions in the UK.